Celebrate and welcome the arrival of your child into the world, with a beautiful baby naming ceremony

Bringing a new baby, a new life into the World, is always an incredible, magical event.

What a wonderful thing to do, to celebrate the arrival of your child with your family and friends, to joyfully name your child.

You'll want the celebration to be special and deeply personal to you and your child of course, but a non-religious Baby Naming ceremony also allows the likes of God Parents, Grandparents and the child’s mentors or guides to be honoured at the same time.


Those who wish to set out their commitments and intentions for the little one, can also have their say.

I’d love to help you!

Together we can create a beautiful baby naming ceremony to honour and celebrate your child. A baby naming welcomes your child into the family and the community.


It is a wonderful time for family to come together and be there for each other and the new arrival. Naming ceremonies can also either be performed when your little one is still a baby or when they are older.


Songs, poems, personal heartfelt speeches, bubbles, and balloons can all be part of your little one’s special day.


There are no limits to creativity when it comes to individuality!

Baby Naming Ceremony

I'll help your journey to the perfect baby naming ceremony.


I'll help reorder your thoughts, incorporate all your key ideas, think about what’s missing and schedule everything for you on the day giving you advice when needed and being ready to help you cope with the unexpected.

And – what’s most important –

''I'll be honoured to perform your ceremony professionally, with enthusiasm, empathy and excitement.


This is a truly special and memorable day in your lives''.